5 Star Green Star Melton Library chooses RolaDek matting system

5 Star Green Star Melton Library chooses RolaDek matting system

The newly awarded 5 Star Green Star Melton Library and Learning Hub in Victoria is the first library in Australia to be honoured with such an award. The benefits of this newly created sustainable building range from significant reduced costs to a healthier, more productive place to learn. The building includes an auditorium, ICT classrooms, a café and activity and beak out rooms which now makes it around four times larger than the old library.

The new Melton Library and Learning Hub chose the RolaDek matting system for its achievement of Level A recognition in accordance with Good Environmental Choice Australia’s (GECA) product standard: GECA 25-2011 v2 Floor Coverings. The RolaDek matting system offers an environmentally preferred, highly engineered architectural matting product, specifically designed for the functional scrutiny of the green community.

Designed by FJMT architects and built by Adco Constructions, the Melton Library features sustainable design and energy efficiency:


  • a 5 Star Green Star accreditation from the Green Building Council of Australia
  • sustainable building materials and energy efficient design to minimise heating and cooling costs
  • it uses 52% less electricity
  • 60% less gas
  • 82% less water than with standard building practices
  • and produces 45% less in greenhouse gas emissions.


The engineering behind the RolaDek matting system consists of:


  • Roll back of 180 degrees
  • Male & female edging for on-site trimming
  • Custom fabrication to individual clients specifications
  • Rolling load testing to 160 kg/wheel
  • Continuous resilient cushioning for superior noise reduction
  • Easy cleaning and installation


JustMats are committed to supporting environmentally sound practices in everything we do by working with our business partners and suppliers to ensure the highest scientific rigour, consumer recognition and environmental standards.