SCG keeps rolling out Ecoglo Stair Nosings & Aisle Markers

SCG keeps rolling out Ecoglo Stair Nosings & Aisle Markers

After completing ecoglo stair nosings and aisle markers to the new Noble, Bradman and Messenger stands and the Ladies Stand, The Sydney Cricket Ground has continued the installation of Ecoglo in the refurbished Members Stand.

Ecoglo F7-171 stair nosing was used, incorporating custom designed row markers with glow in the dark technology, easily identifying seating for members, guiding them down the stairs, reducing the incidence of everyday slips and falls with superior step edge contrast. Ecoglo products help people safely negotiate steps and paths, increasing safety and security preparedness with failsafe emergency lighting.

The Sydney Cricket Ground is one of Australia’s premier sporting and entertainment venues, originally opened in 1886; it has been developed over time to now hold over 48,000 spectators. The Historic SCG celebrated 100 years of hosting rugby league games in 2011 and hosted its 100th cricket test in 2012. It also boasts an impressive sporting history, encompassing other sports including, Australia Rules football, rugby union, soccer, baseball and cycling as well as being a major concert venue. Ecoglo products have been installed worldwide in stadia and have many raving fans that are getting safely and easily to where they need to go.

Ecoglo products are:


  • Rough - The hardwearing anti-slip material is just what you need to reduce slips and falls in all weather conditions.
  • Tough – The patented process bakes in the photoluminescent powder with thousands of people walking over these products, thousands of times with no wear and tear.
  • Seen – With Ecoglo you will always see the steps, be it day or night. It’s the combination of the photoluminescent strip and the anti-slip strip that creates such great step edge definition.
  • Green – Ecoglo products allow for the harvesting of natural sunlight or reuse of existing electrical light helping reduce electricity usage.


The F7-171 stair nosing was chosen, a 66m right angled nosing, highly visible with a 51mm insert consisting of 35.5mm of hard wearing anti slip material and 15.5mm of photoluminescent material. Ecoglo stair nosings are a high performance, highly durable photoluminescent product for fast, orderly & safe movement of patrons in both emergency and non emergency situations.

Ecoglo enjoys an international reputation for aiding egress and preventing falls in the world’s smallest and largest constructions.

SCG keeps rolling out Ecoglo Stair Nosings & Aisle Markers
SCG keeps rolling out Ecoglo Stair Nosings & Aisle Markers