Ecoglo Shines Again

ecoglo  F8111  stair nosingEcoglo’s range of stair treads keep shining in all sorts of places. St Philip’s Christian College in Newcastle is the latest educational institution to have ecoglo stair treads installed in their school auditorium. Staff, students and visitors can be confident in where to step and what direction to take. Each photoluminescent strip recycles existing light at zero cost and provides a bright glowing light where needed to provide safe guidance for people. Ecoglo stair treads are fail safe because they are activated by natural or artificial lights, provide superior step edge definition and no electricity is required.

The Ecoglo F8171 and F8111 stair treads were selected for this project. The F8111 stair nosing was installed in the School Auditorium and is a highly visible tread with a bull nose, designed to clearly define the step edge and reduce slips and falls in all weather conditions. It contains photoluminescent and anti slip material combined, consequently it is slightly less bright than other ecoglo products. The glow in the dark strip is visible for many hours after the lights go out, having been charged from sunlight or artificial light.

Ecoglo products will always provide a source of supplementary light in emergency situations; however they are not just for emergency situations. Glare in the environment, visual reflectance and specular properties of a stair tread can contribute to daytime visibility difficulties. Photoluminescent systems can provide step edge contrast that overcomes these issues and ensures good contrast in light, dark and dim conditions.

Many steps can be just too hard to see, whether it be during the day or the night as the edges merge visually into each other creating a ramp effect.

Ecoglo provides superior step edge visibility when the lights are on so that people can be fully aware of steps clearly because of the contrasting colours of the non-slip material and photoluminescent pigment or from the photoluminescent strip on its own. When the lights are dimmed or off, or in the case of an emergency blackout, Ecoglo’s high performance glow in the dark technology comes to the fore and keeps shining hour after hour.