JustMats specified for Royal North Shore Hospital

Frontrunner mat and frame at Royal North Shore Hospital

JustMats have recently manufactured and installed their RolaDek matting system and Frontrunner mats and frames in to the NSW Government’s $1.127 Billion redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital. Royal North Shore is one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected hospitals. It provides compassionate patient care, world class research and is committed to educating the health professionals of the future. Mats and frames manufactured for Royal North Shore have been installed in various locations, including offices, the Help desk, Emergency, Ambulance entry way, upper levels and the main entrance which included air locks, incorporating around 80 square metres of matting.

The primary goal of the matting was to achieve a functional system that contains moisture and debris on an ongoing basis. The carpet tread chosen cleans mud, dirt and water from shoes. It was imperative to create a well designed system which plays a pivotal role in providing a safe, clean, green and attractive entryway and interior environment. The aluminium perforated tread rails collect large quantities of mud, dirt and water. The combination of the aluminium RolaDek matting system and the Rubber Frontrunner matting system maintains the consistent high traffic ability of protecting adjacent surfaces, cushioning for superior noise reduction and an easy to clean system that both roll back.       

The redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital creates a dynamic, contemporary facility to support the high standard of health care. The project consolidates 53 buildings into purpose-built facilities, designed around the needs of patients. With changes consisting of a growing population, an older demographic and the impact of people living longer with chronic and complex conditions, the redevelopment of Royal North Shore helps to respond to those changes by creating dynamic, contemporary facilities to support the high standard of health care. 

JustMats products are eco-preferred healthy products, providing functional and overall environmental human health performance – ideal for a hospital environment.