Mascot Tunnel lights up with Ecoglo Signage

Mascot Tunnel with Ecoglo Signage

Roads and Maritime Services (replacing Roads and Traffic Authority) is the NSW Sate Government agency responsible for testing and licensing drivers and registering and inspecting vehicles as well as managing the road network. In addition to managing 18,028 km of State Roads and 2946km of regional and local roads the agency is responsible for 22 tunnels. Upgrade works have recently been undertaken to the Mascot Tunnel underneath the Sydney Airport runway. Ecoglo photoluminescent signage was specified for the safe way- finding in the Mascot Tunnel during break downs or emergency incidents. Ecoglo designs and manufactures signs and escape route products to meet International standards. Ecoglo’s patented manufacturing process produces highly durable photoluminescent materials that are incorporated in sustainable, fail-safe and cost effective emergency lighting and signage systems.

Ecoglo’s research and development has focused on developing products that have superior durability and predictable visibility. Ecoglo’s patented products have been used worldwide in facilities as varied as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval, New York’s ‘Jazz at the Lincoln Centre, Singapore’s Supreme Court, Toronto’s Eaton Centre, London's Bond St Underground Station and Dubai’s 160 floor Burj Khalifa.

By harvesting sunlight or recycling existing light in a building, Ecoglo products provide sustainable and cost effective egress solutions. The solutions are failsafe, operate immediately and do not require little or no ongoing maintenance.

The custom glow in the dark signs produced for Roads and Maritime Services Mascot Tunnel included running men pictograms each with unique exit distances to assist people in the case of an emergency. The ecoglo signage has been positioned with a maximum spacing of 20 metres apart and minimum height of 2.25 metres above the floor level. The ecoglo signs have a graffiti resistant top coat, produce high brightness and are robust enough to be installed in any environment. Visible in all light conditions, Ecoglo glow in the dark signs are 100% reliable, do not require electricity or batteries, direct people to a safe exit and are not radioactive or toxic.    

Ecoglo systems provide fail safe visibility in emergency conditions and allow the efficient movement of people 24 hours a day.