Allianz Stadium lights up with Ecoglo

Allianz Stadium - Ecoglo F7171 with row markers

Allianz Stadium (previously known as the Sydney Football Stadium) is situated right next to the Sydney Cricket Ground and plays host to Rugby League, Union, Football and Concerts. The stadium opened in 1988 and recently signed a 10 year naming rights agreement with Allianz Australia in February 2012. The stadium can seat approximately 44,000 patrons, with the largest concert crowd recorded at 52,838. Continuing their call for improvement, Allianz recently undertook a review of some of their stadium steps and retrofitted Ecoglo. Ecoglo designs and manufactures signs and escape route products to meet International standards. Ecoglo’s patented manufacturing process produces highly durable photoluminescent materials that are incorporated in sustainable, fail-safe and cost effective emergency lighting and signage systems.

Ecoglo’s stair nosing - F7171 has been easily retrofitted in to some of the corporate areas of the stadium. The stadium has also taken advantage of the ecoglo technology by incorporating aisle markers in the stair nosing to guide patrons to their seating. Preventing slips, trips and falls – the ecoglo product features a patented glow in the dark strip together with a code compliant anti slip material. The glow in the dark technology has also been retrofitted in to a vinyl stair nosing indoors to the corporate and members area to provide greater safety and prevent falls.  

Ecoglo’s research and development has focused on developing products that have superior durability and predictable visibility. A photoluminescent way finding system that helps the flow of patrons around arenas and stadia uses revolutionary technology that eliminates the need for expensive electrical lighting of aisles, rows and exits. Ecoglo heralds a major step forward in the science of way finding for stadiums and arenas, with a passive illumination system enabling patrons to enter and leave an event safely after the lights go out. The lower expense and lower maintenance costs of the ecoglo solution are behind the stadium’s decision to install the system. 

By harvesting sunlight or recycling existing light in a building, Ecoglo products provide sustainable and cost effective egress solutions. The solutions are failsafe, operate immediately and require little or no ongoing maintenance.

The Stadium now provides a four-pronged solution to path-finding needs, catering for step edge contrast, slip-resistance, visibility in all light conditions and resistance to wear.

Ecoglo systems provide fail-safe visibility in emergency conditions and allow the efficient movement of people 24 hours a day.