Superior Step Edge Visibility from Ecoglo

Ecoglo F4171 stair nosings at Uni of NSWThe University of New South Wales continues to specify Ecoglo photoluminescent products in new spaces, enhancing public safety and reducing the incidents of slips, trips and falls.

All theatre steps in the Teaching Spaces have recently had Ecoglo F4171 stair nosings installed to ensure superior step edge visibility in all light conditions. Ecoglo produces high performance, highly durable photoluminescent products for step edges – the brand of choice for arena, stadium, education and theatre venues across Australia and internationally.

Property Owners can embrace the innovative solutions provided by the eco friendly, revolutionary high performance glow in the dark technology. Some steps can be deceptively hard to see, whether it be day or night. With Ecoglo, each step is clearly visible in all light conditions as the combination of photoluminescence and the non slip hard wearing silicon carbide creates superior step edge contrast.

Products used in stadia, arenas and theatres are manufactured with high durability due to the demands of high foot traffic and with a life expectancy of 30+ years outdoors and even longer indoors, Ecoglo technology becomes inexpensive and millions of footprints can testify to the high standard of safety. Ecoglo products are most commonly used for supplementary emergency lighting in stairwells and aisles in theatres, stadiums and buildings of all types to provide safely lit pathways.

High performance Ecoglo products contain photoluminescent pigment phosphors that absorb light energy and re-emit this as a bright glow in dark conditions. Steps need to allow for safe and orderly movement of people and in an emergency situation fast and safe movement, glow in the dark stair nosings provide strong step edge contrast eliminating glare in the environment, visual reflectance and any other impediments that lead to slips and falls.

In order to provide functionality, the step edge strips are slip resistant and provide visual contrast to define the edge on hard surfaces and carpet surfaces.

Ecoglo F4171 stair nosings at Uni of NSW